Is your website looking tired or not performing like it used to?

It doesn't have to!

It’s a new year – time for a fresh start. For a lot of businesses, that means it’s finally time to give that tired, old, difficult to update website a redesign. But where do you start?
Your website is the first place your customers visit to check you out, so understanding your customers and what they are looking for is the first step. With this in mind, we can now start to shape the design and strategy for your website.
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Website Development and Design

Keep it simple!
Your customers need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and on the devices that they choose to use. (Google Analytics will tell you what devices they use now)
Clean, crisp pictures and vivid call to action buttons with a headline that states exactly what you’re offering. Flat designs work really well with a responsive website design (a website that converts to a mobile-friendly layout when viewed on a smartphone)
Keep the most important content towards the top of the page or above the fold.

Quality content is key
Content should tell a story – Lead visitors along as they scroll to share the benefits of your product or service in a way that’s meaningful to them. Show them what kind of results they can expect and how it works. Include relatable case studies or stories and break the text up into easily digestible paragraphs to make it easier to read.
Aim for 250+ words per page.

Leverage website technology intelligently
Only use website features where and when it makes sense. Resist the urge to embrace a trend purely because of someone else has. ie just because you can have a popup on your website, doesn't mean you should.
Think about how your customers are using your website and consider page positions and timing.

Be mobile friendly
Chances are that 50% or more of your website traffic is coming from smartphones. Make sure your website design is mobile friendly and optimised for your customers.
Is your website mobile friendly? You can check here
If it is not, you can be penalised in mobile search results on Google.

Online Advertising
Now that you have got your fancy new website sorted, it's time to get some traffic into it and attract some new customer or convert old ones.
There is 4 main sources of website traffic and depending on who your customers are, different strategies may apply.



1. Direct Traffic - These are visits directly to your website. Likely repeat customers or word of mouth referrals.
2. Search Engine Results - Customers searching for your brand, product or service. Your position on the search engine results pages can be improved with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign.
SEO is an art, combining quality website development, proper keyword selection & strategic planning to achieve your goals. Find out more about our SEO services here
3. Paid Search Engine Traffic -Google AdWords is the main source of paid traffic and can be very effective for creating almost instant quality leads. Your Google AdWords campaign can be highly targeted to find your ideal customers, including geographic location, demographics and interests and search phrases that your customers use. Netpresence is a long-term Google Partner

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Find out more about our Google AdWords services here

4. Social Media (paid and free)
Social media both paid advertising and strategic posting is another good source of website traffic. Depending on who your customers are, their age, interests and even geographic location can help determine what social media platform they use. Some business owners may think that Facebook is not right for them as they only target businesses and not personal consumers but this isn't necessarily right.
Are you on facebook?
Your customers probably are too. Facebook's targeting, especially with paid ads is ridiculously powerful. Find out who your customers are and where they hang out online and you can create a highly effective social media strategy.

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