Fiona Kane – Informed Health

“Netpresence were one of my first “business partners” who supported me when I first started out in business. It has always been great to have their constant support.

They have created and re-created my website as my business has grown and changed to suit my needs. Sam has been looking after my Google Adwords campaigns for years now. He is always able to help me understand and get a real insight into what my potential client’s experience of my website is and how it could be better, what’s missing, what’s wrong and what content we need to add/change to make it work better.

He is also good at helping find word searches that are affordable as opposed to popular expensive terms like “weight loss”! Netpresence have always been able to explain to me in everyday language what I need to know. I get loads of business through my website and I know I can rely on Sam to ensure that not only does it continues, but it grows!”

About Informed Health
At Informed Health Nutritional Wellbeing Centre, our Clinical Nutritionists help you find accurate diagnosis and answers to your health problems.




John Beazley - JBEC Installations and Service

“Our website is our best source of new leads and integral part of our marketing. Most of our new enquiries come through Google Searches or our Google AdWords campaign. Sam Hussain & Netpresence have helped us from day one to setup our website & develop our digital marketing strategies. They have also helped us to better understand our website traffic & how to generate more enquiries through our website. ”

About JBEC Installations and Service

At JBEC Installations & Service we believe in providing quality products & great service. We have been installing & servicing solar power solutions at the top of the industry for more than 8 years & has been professional electrical contractors for more than 20 years.

We provide the best service & advice for all our customers. Our jobs range from installing power points & light fitting to government projects exceeding $1 million.

With more than 1000 completed solar installations across NSW. You can be assured that you are dealing with an industry leading solar installation company who can best advise your solar installation requirements to gain to the best possible value for money.



Michael Todd - Western Sydney Business Centre

“Sam Hussain is one of our trusted advisors at the Western Sydney Business Centre for our digital marketing & Website clients. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding his knowledge and quality of work. We highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make improvements with their website or digital marketing.”

About Western Sydney Business Centre

We offer confidential, fully subsidised business advice at no cost to you to anyone wanting to start their own small business.

We can cover all topics related to small business including structure, business planning, insurance, accounting and legal services, marketing, staff, social media marketing and much more.

We can also assist existing small businesses that want to grow, expand, sell, succession planning or who want to improve their overall business plans.

We also host a number of training workshops throughout the year.



Brenden Brown - A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care

“I have worked with David and Sam from Netpresence Australia for more than 10 years on a number of different projects. They take a look at the big picture & how everything fits into place. Our website strategy and Google AdWords has changed alot over the years & Netpresence has been able to adapt to our needs. They have also helped me to better understand my website traffic, which helps me to forecast & plan my business better. I would highly recommend the services of Netpresence Australia to everyone.”

About A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care

A Step Ahead are leaders in the field of foot and ankle care. Their leadership in the field has moved past advances in podiatric medicine and is shown in the early adoption of web and social media exposure. A Step Ahead were one of the first health clinics to begin websites and have moved quickly into adopting strategies in social media and website enhancement and ranking optimisation.


Penelope Smith - Penelope’s Garden

“Every successful business needs reliable and knowledgeable support for areas outside their staff expertise. That is where the services of Netpresence Australia have been integral to the development of my own business. I provide a small business marketing service for companies that can’t afford a full time marketing manager. In that role, I need support when it comes to optimum web programming, Search Engine Optimisation, and tracking of Google AdWords campaigns that are a part of my client’s marketing strategy.

Many of my clients have been trying to get their web site ‘seen’ on their own, or by using companies that outsource their SEO and programming. The challenge arises when Google changes the algorithms or the outsourced SEO Company doesn’t understand the target market. It’s simply not worth trying to find short cuts when the best solution is no more expensive.

Marketing in the digital age has a myriad of benefits compared to the ‘olden days’ when market research and media monitoring was much more cumbersome. These days, before I make decisions on which message to highlight or what webpage to update, I go to the Google Analytics at the back end of the site first. My favourite part of Google Analytics is to look at what is the most common word people are typing in to reach the site. Once I know the most popular ‘organic search words’, I can then make sure that those words are present on the site.

Also, I use Google Analytics to help drive different customer to the site. If,  for example, the word “mulch” is the top search word for my client’s site but I know that the client would prefer people to be purchasing “soil” from them, I can tailor an AdWords campaign to reach people searching for soil who aren’t ‘organically’ landing on the site. In that way I can grab customers who would not normally reach the site. Eventually the AdWords becomes an ‘organic’ search word as the Google Algorithm becomes aware that this is what people want from the site. I also look at the pathway customers take through any website. Google Analytics shows me this with a flow diagram. Once I know which pages the visitors are commonly clicking, I can make sure the information I want them to see is sitting on those popular pages.

Netpresence Australia has given me clues on how to be smart with website maintenance strategies. It is essential that I use a web company that carries out SEO themselves rather than outsourcing the activity. Netpresence carries out the SEO on the websites they host and they even inform me when they can see changes that could create a more successful shopfront for a business. In this way, the partnership I offer businesses is supported by the partnership Netpresence Australia offers me.”

About Penelope’s Garden

Penelope’s Garden focuses on marketing strategies with consistent, easy to understand messages and measureable end goals.

Our services include marketing management for businesses which cannot afford full time marketing staff.

We provide stand-alone initial marketing plans for your business with the option of assistance with implementation and management of all marketing strategies.

Grow your business through smart marketing



Clare Sadler - Shamrock Joinery

“Our website is a critical part of our marketing & it is important that we get the most out it. Our website was built by Netpresence Australia with our target market in mind & understanding our business goals. We have been working with Sam & David for a number of years & we review our Google AdWords & website reports with them on a regular basis to ensure that we are still on track. Overall we are very happy with the service & would highly recommend Netpresence Australia to any business.”

About Shamrock Joinery

At Shamrock Joinery & Associates Pty Ltd, we aim to deliver a distinctive superior quality product that exceeds customer expectations in design and technology, as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and industry peers.

The success of Shamrock Joinery & Associates Pty Ltd is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day in order that the customer makes the decision to choose our quality product. We sell a superior quality product and this product is manufactured and sold by our quality employees.

The primary goal of Shamrock Joinery & Associates Pty Ltd, is to live our mission statement and continue to deliver & improve our superior quality product to the people who trust and respect us.  Essential to fulfilling our mission every day is our hard-working, productive employees who care about customer service, our end product and ultimately, customer satisfaction.


Daniel Condon - CrossFit Lower Mountains

“I own and manage Cheetah Fitness a group and personal training service located in the Penrith area. Our gym is called CrossFit Lower Mountains.

Netpresence with their expertise in google advertising have been instrumental in my ability to grow and develop my business.

Sam Hussain has been hands on with our internet advertising from day one and has seen our business grow from being located in an 150m square room to a 500m square building and an increase of over 50% of our member base within a 2 year period.

No task is too small for Sam and his team, from changing pictures on the website to updating data or changing the target demographics for our advertising. We could not be happier with their service and recommend their expertise to anyone looking to grow their presence on the web.”

About CrossFit Lower Mountains

CrossFit Lower Mountains is a strength and conditioning facility dedicated to the CrossFit method. Our coaches are highly qualified and pride themselves on passing on excellent technique to give you the edge in CrossFit and life.

Our facility based in Penrith is one of the largest CrossFit gyms in Sydney's Western Suburbs and has been purpose designed to give the ultimate CrossFit experience. It is filled with Ironedge equipment, the highest quality for weightlifting and CrossFit.



Ben McKinlay - Lymlive Media

“We have used the services of Netpresence Australia to manage our Google AdWords campaigns & advise us on website improvements to increase our search presence on Google and conversion rates for new leads.

Sam is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the latest changes on Google & how we should implement these changes to maximise our search presence.  ”

About Lymlive Media
Lymlive has 25 years experience in creating innovative display and digital signage solutions across all industries. We manage over 1000 displays and billboards in many locations across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


Bruce Coode – Coode & Corry Solicitors

“My business is a very busy legal practice in the outer suburbs of Sydney and we rely very heavily on computers to generate high volumes of documents and online technology to keep in contact with clients, courts, government departments and legal information sites in order to look after our client’s needs.

Sam Hussain has been instrumental in setting up our hardware and software and in keeping everything running smoothly. Sam is one of the few IT people I have encountered who can communicate in plain English and so understand what the client wants and can explain things so that ordinary people can understand it.

I have been impressed by the depth of his knowledge in regard to IT issues and I cannot remember any situations where Sam was not able to provide a solution to any situation. I think Sam is particularly well placed to write a book because of both his level of expertise and his ability to explain things in plain English.”

About Coode & Corry Solicitors

Coode & Corry Solicitors has operated in Penrith, NSW since 1977. We are here to help with all your legal matters.

We are committed to getting the best result for our clients and will explain things to you in plain language.

Sensible legal advice at an affordable cost.



 Denver Oliveux – Looking Good and Feeling Great

“I have used the services of Netpresence Australia for a number of years to help get my website found on Google & also help to improve conversions. 

Sam has helped me to better understand my website numbers & I now review my website traffic as part of my regular business reviews. 

I would highly recommend the professional services of Netpresence to anyone wishing to succeed on the internet.”

About Looking Good and Feeling Great
Here at ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’ we are a professional team of qualified and experienced Personal Trainers, Kick-Boxing and Boot camp Instructors. Our company is among the longest standing Personal Training companies in the Penrith area and in the 10 years we have been in business we have helped literally hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. Amongst the greatest thing about our company is that we all have had to be challenged to go through the weight loss and fitness process. I have always firmly believed that a ‘Leader, leads by example’ this has become our team philosophy in which every team member is given a weight loss goal to adhere to in their probation period regardless of how good he/she looks. I only employ people who can be empathetic to our clients as I firmly believe that losing weight and keeping it off can be amongst the most difficult thing one can achieve. However going through the process personally has taught me much about exercise but even more about the power of nutrition and how to make things easier, realistic and still get fantastic results.


Dr Adrian Sheen – Mulgoa Medical Centre

Netpresence has made a significant positive impact on my business. They manage to make our website always at or near the top.

To flourish, businesses need to work with experts and, for me, Netpresence has been filled that role. 

About Mulgoa Medical Centre
Dr Sheen has been running a family medical practice since 1981. It is his strong belief that everyone should have a “family doctor” and that a special relationship develops over the years with individuals and families.

Health is complex. Not only is there acute illness, there is also preventative care and long-term care for illnesses such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes etc.

All these problems are best helped by the “family doctor”. Choice for your medical care has become more difficult in recent years.

Dr Sheen’s practice provides traditional family medical care.
Dr Sheen holds an appointment at both Sydney University and University of Western Sydney as a Clinical Associate. He is involved with medical education not only at the university but also has medical students at the practice.

Dr Sheen is also involved with community health education on the radio, community talks and writing for magazines.