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Social Media Strategies

 With more than 750 million active users on facebook alone, social media can be one of your most effective & cost effective forms of marketing.

Netpresence can help your business utilise social media to its maximum potential. We can help you establish your business's social media strategy to fully managed social media advertising campaigns.

Social Media is one of the fastest growing  areas of the online world. With Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus as the most popular.

Social Media Websites & mobile apps are regularly accessed by your customers, usually multiple times per day & are easily accessible from all mobile devices at any hour of the day.

3 out of 4 people now use social networks regularly.

Social Media Strategy / Plan

Netpresence can work with you to form a strategic social media plan for your business.

Which networks are best for your business?
Finding your ideal clients. (getting Likes & Followers)
Engaging with your clients with interesting & relevant content.

Blogging Strategy
Facebook Business Page
Creating a facebook business page can be one of the best online investments for your business. This is a great way for your to communicate with your customers & keep your name fresh in their mind.

Netpresence can help you to setup & optimise your facebook presence for your busines

Facebook Advertising
How does targeting your advertising directly at your clients sound?

Facebook Advertising is exactly that. Specifically targeted at your clients & pay per click. ie. ”27 year old males, living in Sydney, who have been married in the last 5 days”.
It can be that specific, targeted directly at your clients.

Similar to status updates on facebook, twitter is another great method for engaging with your customers, tweeting offers / coupons or just informing them about a new upcoming product.
Google Plus
One of the fastest growing social media networks on the internet.
One of the main advantages to Google Plus is the ability to marketing to “circles” of people based on their background.
Google Plus can also be used for Blogging & for Video Social  Marketing

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