2018 Digital Strategy Checklist - Are you ready for 2018?

Welcome to 2018

Firstly we would like to wish you all the best for 2018 and are looking forward to helping you online.

Most businesses are now back in the swing of things and starting the new year off where they left off last year. NOW is the perfect time to review your digital business strategy and align your business goals with your website and other digital marketing methods

What do you want from 2018?
Do you want to grow your business?
More leads? Better quality enquiries?

2018 Digital Strategy Checklist

We have created a checklist of items for you to help kick this year off in the right direction

Review your website goals and strategy

[ ] Digital Business Goals and strategy reviewed and ready to implement.
Define clear goals for your digital marketing and your website.
Do you want to increase brand awareness, more enquiries, better quality leads?

[ ] Google AdWords and SEO plans reviewed
Are you still promoting the products and services you want to sell?
Is your return on investment positive?

[ ] Google Analytics tracking is working and you have access
Do you know how many people use your website each month and what they do when they visit?
Are you tracking contact forms, phone numbers and PDF downloads?

[ ] Website security is up to date
Are all of your website security updates, themes and plugins up to date?
Have you got a website firewall installed?
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[ ] SSL certificate installed
Is your website secure as per the recommendations from Google?
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[ ] Website works well on mobile devices
Is your website mobile friendly? Click here to find out

[ ] Web pages optimised
Are your website pages optimised as per Google's best practice and converting visitors to enquiries?

[ ] Website text, images, products and services up to date
Any wording or pictures that need to be updated?
Any new products to be added or old ones to be removed?

[ ] Contact forms working, spam free and secure
Are you contact forms still working?
Have you got the latest spam deterrents installed?

[ ] Google Maps listing up to date
Are you Google Business listings up to date?

Review your Digital Strategy

WordPress Website Maintenance and Care

Your website is critical to your business, It should be your main source of enquiries from potential new clients. It is also where clients and business partners come to find you and understand who you are.

Your website should be treated as an investment for your business.

You need peace of mind that your website will be available for your clients 24/7 without interruption.

Software Is Vulnerable
Software requires maintenance. All software, including WordPress which is the software that powers your website. As problems and loopholes are identified, security updates and patches are created.

It is important to keep your website up to date and backed up.

Each of our maintenance plans covers the ongoing technical upkeep which keeps all code at the most recent versions and secure, along with performance optimisation and monitoring.

We have recently updated our WordPress Website Maintenance and Care Packages

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